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Endpoitn Protection

The workforce is no longer limited to the four walls inside of your business. The Covid pandemic upended the way we work. Workers are often hired, onboarded, and trained without ever setting foot in an office.

While this new work landscape has plenty of benefits, it also introduces new threats.

Workers have virtually limitless privacy in their home office. This can blur the lines between work and personal time. You may find your employees using their personal email or cloud storage for convenience. Or they may use their downtime to play online games or stream movies from questionable sites. All this new privacy opens you up to threats your traditional network was not designed to handle.

Even if you use a secure VPN to filter traffic through your corporate firewalls, what happens when the user disconnects? Maybe it's not a big deal. After all, they are no longer on your network. But what happens when they reconnect the next day with a nasty malware infection? 

We can help you roll out new solutions to protect the company computer on and off the network. Bring the firewall to their laptop. Contact us to find out how.

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